Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kinder than Necessary

at long last...

Psychic Reading ...the conclusion:

So, as I was saying - Cactus juice is the quenchiest. If you drink it, you like big, friendly mushrooms, and as a bonus you'll be able to arm bend, like Sokka, or so my kids say. It's all a part of the Avatar animated series.

This little nonsense quote from my kids got me thinking. As I was pondering my future given the terms of my present many, many hang ups, it occurred to me that I have only two states of being: 1) Asserting discipline in the current moment to make a choice that will bring about positive results, or 2) Regretting the discipline I was too lazy to assert, thus presenting me with a deficit in momentum and progress.

In this paradigm, the whole key to my future is moving forward and choosing the best drink:

Can't remember where I found this photo, but it's a great visual.
Perhaps if I had a visual to represent the real affect any given choice would have (nutritional or otherwise), I would not be so hasty, emotional or feel as hopeless. It is up to me to create my own visual. I did this better while weight loss was my main goal. Now that I'm on maintenance I graciously give myself too many allowances and lose sight of the visual. Last night while staring down a container of brownies, my choice wasn't so great. I'm stalled in state #2. I'm asking the fates, How can I kick start myself back into proactive mode? They answer: I need to take charge again (and again, and again). What I need, to put it simply, is cactus juice.

In real life: The juice comes from the cactus "fruit," which is really the cactus flower. Known as prickly pear, paw paw, and desert fig, the red fruit resembles a small round cucumber with spines. Natives skillfully harvest, peel and juice the spiny and barbed prickly pear fruit which contains a relatively rare form of antioxidant called betalains. Traditionally used in Mexican medicine to treat diabetes, preliminary studies show that prickly pear fruit extract may aid in lowering blood glucose, as well as cholesterol and triglycerides.*

For purposes of this metaphor: Cactus juice stands for what needs to be done at the moment which is often a harder choice. It pays dividends to peel down past the prickly spines and to get the right liquid, but it takes more effort and the benefits are delayed more than from a quick fix soda. In trying to read my future, what I want is a psychic to give me a date and tell me that I'll succeed by such and such a date and, I want a quick fix. I feel sometimes like I make the very best decision, even the harder one, but like a shot in the dark, don't have full confidence that it will land me in the place I most desire in the future. Perhaps, I have even learned from experience that the positives do not outshine the cost of my efforts. So, I sabotage my efforts thinking that, heck, since there is no guarantee that this will work, I might as well have fun instead of discipline.

Like being kinder than necessary, expending precious energy into a vast cosmos. We don't want to go overboard or pay too much or expend more energy than it takes. But, that's exactly what I should be doing. Extra kindness and effort after all, is never truly wasted. I just need to convince myself of this when the moment strikes and I think I'm too tired and small to make a difference. Powered with a little cactus juice, real or imagined, I might just be able to become the best version of myself.

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